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To apply for admission in Barber Tech Academy, applicant must  have a high school diploma, GED, or its equivalent.  Barber Tech Academy does not accept students with Ability-to-Benefit.  Should an enrolling student provide a foreign high school diploma, the institution will work with the student to obtain an  English translation of the document along with confirmation that the education received is equivalent to a US High school diploma.  This documentation must come from an outside agency.  Applicant must be a US citizen or an eligible non-citizen.

Below are Barber Tech Academy’s documents that tell more information of our school, policies, and requirements. These documents are available for viewing before an applicant comes to our school.


Admission Process

Barber Tech Academy enrolls students on a continuous basis. The following documents are necessary to complete the admissions process.

– Applicants are required for a pre-enrollment interview with the Admissions Office . Our Admissions Team will ensure all documents are complete and if student is ready for the next step in the enrollment process.

– Once the student completes the admissions process, student will meet with the Financial Aid Office to discuss all available financial aid options.

– Once enrollment is complete, student will begin on the exciting career path of hair care!


Ready to get started?

*If student has previously earned hours and will enter Barber Tech Academy as a transfer student, please notify us.

Barber Tech Academy  does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, age, color, ethnic origin, religion, political views, sexual preference, marital status, physical or mental handicap, or family obligation in the admission of students.  Barber Tech Academy’s program is taught in English. Barber Tech Academy does not recruit students for transfer who are already participating in a similar program of study at another barber school.

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Barber Tech Academy seeks to foster the development of our students throughout their entire education.